Ivan Patrick Liesdek

Ellipée – Ivan Patrick Liesdek Born in Paramaribo, Suriname, on 14 December 1968, human rights activist since 1999, entrepreneur, sportsman and LGBT advocate.

Patrick has for 6 years (2016 – 2022) researched the LGBT history of Suriname, with the purpose of having the untold account of Suriname’s LGBT history at long last comprehensively divulged and documented.

This resulted in this publication: Love – A History of Hate in Suriname – Hide, Flee or Suicide Execution – Extinction – Existence – Expression – An Insight into a Country’s Gay History. Until now, this has been a forgotten aspect of Suriname’s history because it has always been concealed, disguised or deliberately ignored due to taboo, and also because of legal and social repercussions from a repressive ‘heteronormative’ biased society. It has now been formally recorded and put in the apt context for and by those who have lived decent lives. The results answer many questions but also pose new ones.